Wallboard XPS is produced from Crystal (General Purpose) Polystyrene by the extrusion process. It can be produced in different sizes and densities according to usage areas. It provides perfect thermal insulation. It reduces heat losses. Thermal Conductivity Value is proper to TS EN 13164 standards. Water Vapor Diffusion Resisstance Coefficient is proper to TS EN 13164 standards.


Operation Temperature Range: from -50 to +75 C. It has homogenous cell structure regarding the 100% closed pore. It has high longevity. It has high pressure strength and size stability.


It is Fire-Retardant. It is manfactured from 10 to 120 mm in the thickness range and the  600 * 1250 size range.


It has Plain or Patterned Surfaces -Diamanto (for Jacketing Applications). It can be used for different insulation applications.