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Actions taken regarding to prevent heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer are called ”thermal insulation.”

Coal, natural gas are used to provide heating in winter and air conditions are used to provide cooling in summer. Thermal insulation reduces energy loss which is produced during the heating and cooling processes. Thermal insulation provides comfortable living areas. In this context, it is applied to outside parts of the construction which enables protection of the climatic conditions inside.

In other words, residents use less energy to heat or cool the building, thus ensuring the reduction of environmental pollution and extending the longevity of the building by protecting it from internal and external factors. All these actions taken to reduce heat transfer between residential areas and the outside are called ”thermal insulation”.

”Thermal Insulation ” provides healthier, more efficient and more comfortable living areas.

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Acoustic insulation includes mainly the measures to be taken to minimize the harmful impacts of noise on human beings and environment.

Noise, which we shortly define as disturbing sound, is one of the factors which damage human health and comfort, especially in the unplanned urbanisation areas. Disturbing sound from a nearby factory, deafening noise in a residental area around an airport, seller sounds, traffic voices, talkings heard from the neighbours are all perceived as noise in different dozages and disturb the people.

Acoustic insulation is made against undesirable and disturbing noise and it is the applications in order to insulate undesirable noise in the environment, to prevent the harmful impacts of noise, to reduce the voice which spreads around from noisy places, and to create proper conditions in areas such as cinemas, recording studios.

You can use acoustic insulation to reach a comfortable and a restful ambiance in your constructions.

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Waterproofing is the name of all the actions taken on the surface of the construction’s shell to protect constructions against all kind of water and moisture. Constructions are exposed to water because of the rain, snow, moisture of the land, rain or tap water absorbed by the land or use of water in wet areas such as bathroom, toilet, pressurised or unpressurised underground water in the ground on which the construction is constructed. Water, which is the biggest threat to the life and durability of structure, leaks into the construction and therefoee  causes a serious decrease on the laden by corroding outfit of the carrier parts of the constructions and causes fractures and breaches by impairing the integrity of the beton. It also causes the formation of mold, mycose and suchlike organisms.

”Waterproofing” measures can prevent the damages which are caused by water.

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Constructional precautions that protect safety of life and property against the harmful damages of the fire are called  ”fire insulation”. It slows down the spread of fire through the inner construction and nearby constructions thus people can be rescued as soon as possible.

All interior desgin materials such as furnitures, curtains, tables, couches in houses and offices are flammable. The oxygen is in the air which is requisite for the fire. Different sources of flame may cause the fire. It is very quite high probability that fire can start at anytime in the construction.  Heat and fume emerged during the fire might cause spread of fire thereby the loss of life and property increase.

Construction materials should be chosen according to considerations of non-flammable materials that cannot cause spread of fire.  It is highly recommended that to choose construction materials according to the degree of flammability. Thereby the risk of fire can be reduced. In case of fire situation, prevention of spread of fire to other places becomes important to provide safety of life and property. For this reason, construction materials should be fire-retardant for a certain period of time. This time will enable people to be rescued in case of fire.

You may have protection for safety of life and property with the ”fire insulation”.

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Mechanical/Installation Insulation includes thermal, acoustic and fire insulation for all of these materials such as pipes, valves, HVAC ventilation ducts, radiators, boilers, booster, refrigeration units.

Thermal Insulation in Installation

Prevention of heat loss and heat gain for the fluid and air carried within the pipes and ventilation ducts is called thermal insulation in installation. in the processing equipment made in order to ensure the continued operation as well. It creates more efficient devices for heating and cooling. It reduces energy costs and environmental pollution.

Acoustic Insulation in Installation

The sound of the device during operation, vibration and thermal expansion is one of the major cause of the noise. Fluid velocity in pipes, the sound caused by collision of air passing through the duct surfaces of the channels can be considered as noise. Actions taken to minimize Such noise and vibration are called Acoustic Insulation in Installation.

Fire Insulation in Installation

Installation is one of the most important points of fire insulation safety. Preventing mechanism for the spread of fire can be provided by fire insulation in installation. Hvac ducts and installation pipes carry on high risk for the residents in case of fire. Actions taken to prevent spread of fire in that kind of installations are called fire insulation in installation.

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