Constructional precautions that protect safety of life and property against the harmful damages of the fire are called  ”fire insulation”. It slows down the spread of fire through the inner construction and nearby constructions thus people can be rescued as soon as possible.

All interior desgin materials such as furnitures, curtains, tables, couches in houses and offices are flammable. The oxygen is in the air which is requisite for the fire. Different sources of flame may cause the fire. It is very quite high probability that fire can start at anytime in the construction.  Heat and fume emerged during the fire might cause spread of fire thereby the loss of life and property increase.

Construction materials should be chosen according to considerations of non-flammable materials that cannot cause spread of fire.  It is highly recommended that to choose construction materials according to the degree of flammability. Thereby the risk of fire can be reduced. In case of fire situation, prevention of spread of fire to other places becomes important to provide safety of life and property. For this reason, construction materials should be fire-retardant for a certain period of time. This time will enable people to be rescued in case of fire.

You may have protection for safety of life and property with the ”fire insulation”.