Mechanical/Installation Insulation includes thermal, acoustic and fire insulation for all of these materials such as pipes, valves, HVAC ventilation ducts, radiators, boilers, booster, refrigeration units.

Prevention of heat loss and heat gain for the fluid and air carried within the pipes and ventilation ducts is called thermal insulation in installation. in the processing equipment made in order to ensure the continued operation as well. It creates more efficient devices for heating and cooling. It reduces energy costs and environmental pollution.

The sound of the device during operation, vibration and thermal expansion is one of the major cause of the noise. Fluid velocity in pipes, the sound caused by collision of air passing through the duct surfaces of the channels can be considered as noise. Actions taken to minimize Such noise and vibration are called Acoustic Insulation in Installation.

Installation is one of the most important points of fire insulation safety. Preventing mechanism for the spread of fire can be provided by fire insulation in installation. Hvac ducts and installation pipes carry on high risk for the residents in case of fire. Actions taken to prevent spread of fire in that kind of installations are called fire insulation in installation.