AR-SUCAN İzolasyon was established in 1986 in Manavgat, Antalya, Turkey as a firm that produces and installs solar energy systems. In 1989, our company gained a new dimension by retail and wholesale sales of insulation supplies. In 1992, our company started to work on insulation sector totally. This was a milestone event in our corporate history that exploring the growth potential and the future of insulation sector.

In 1998, headquarters of our company was moved to Antalya city center. Thus, we took one step further to reach our aims by moving to Antalya city center such as providing more quality-based service to our customers, reaching wide-range of customer profiles, and setting a fundamental service network in insulation sector. We have become one of the leading companies in the insulation sector with our developing experiences in the sector, service quality, and customer network. In 2007,  we constructed a new business center which has 4400 m2 closed-area capacity. Then, we moved to our own business center. By this way, we took one more step further to provide more quality based service and wide-range of products for our customers. We have been taking place where there is a need for insulation and painting supplies such as hotel, hospital, factory, school, shopping-mall, mass housing building sites and projects both national and international basis.

AR-SUCAN İzolasyon has different, qualified, wide range of dealerships and distributorships. Since 2000, we have been continuing to be one of most prominent dealers of İZOCAM A.Ş. which works specifically on Thermal-Sound-Water-Fire-Installation Insulation fields of expertise. We are the dealers of Onduline Avrasya, Standart Insulation and UKS Membrane in the field of water insulation. We are dealers of Inka Construction Chemicals and Aragonit  in the field of construction chemicals. We are the dealer of Bostik in the field of silicone and sealant products. We are the dealers of Makro Technic and AFS in the field of aspiration and ventilation. In addition to all of those, we have added Jotun Painting products to our portfolio to serve in almost all fields of construction. In order to give quality based service with our strong logistic network to our regional, national and international customers, AR-SUCAN İzolasyon has good price policy, truthfullness, and the right use of the right product principles for needs of the market.

In 2015, AR-SUCAN İzolasyon invested to manufacture TechFlex Mechanical Insulation Materials, which is a trademark of AR-SUCAN İzolasyon. The Research and Development process of the TechFlex production, in this manner, totally belongs to the AR-SUCAN İzolasyon. TechFlex Mechanical Insulation Materials contain wide range of products such as aluminum foil laminated Polyethylene and/or Elastomeric Rubber Foam Insulation Pipes and Sheets. We are proud of to be innovative in the insulation sector with our great experience in this field.

Our future aim is to carry our regional leadership to one step further and provide business partnerships with qualified insulation firms in Turkey. We are aiming at increasing the number and size of resources which are gained by insulation to national economy by executing counciousness campaigns about insulation. We are providing our aims, vision and mission by believing that a sustainable development policy has an important role for our country and world.

After all these facts, AR-SUCAN İzolasyon continues to adapt itself according to inventions and developments in our country and world. AR-SUCAN İzolasyon serves quality, healthy, economic living space solutions to people with its unique principles.