General Properties

Axial flow fans for wall or ceiling installation, designed to solve ventilation problems in small rooms and bathrooms.

The motors from the SILENT range are mounted on silent-elastic-blocks which absorb the vibrations. In this way not only is the noise from the extractor significantly reduced but so too is the noise from the surface which supports it.

Additionally, the motors from the SILENT range are equipped with ball bearings which guarantee long life working (more than 30.000 working hours) at any shaft positions.

The SILENT range consists of three different models: SILENT-100, SILENT-200 and SILENT-300, available with different integrated control options to accommodate all application requirements.


  • All models are fi tted with back draft shutter.
  • All models includes ball bearings greased for life (up to 30.000 hours).
  • Model fi tted with an adjustable period Run-On-Timer keeping the fan in operation for the pre set period of time after the fan has been switched off.
  • Model with an adjustable humidistat.
  • Model provided with a passive infra-red detector operating up to 4 m from the fan.

General Properties

  • Designed to draw out smoke from fireplace. Can be used as a normal extractor fan when the fireplace is not lit. Not suitable for use with gas fires.
  • Ball-bearing-mounted induction motor to withstand high temperatures (approximately 200°C) for long periods of operation.
  • Information label shows IMQ third party data and performance certification.
  • Weather proof steel construction and anti-corrosion, polyester resin protection.
  • Supplied with steel safety cable for long-term anchoring of fan to the base.
  • Protection grille with steel safety, anti-bird rings.
  • Conforms to the following standard: CEI EN 60335-2-80 (Part 2: Particular requirements for fans).
  • Advanced blade design reduces soot build up.
  • Complete with variable speed controller SCNR and base frame.
  • C 1.5 electronic speed controller for standard models (code 12966)

General Properties

  • Lineo series extractors have certified air flow, pressure (to UNI 10531:1995, corresponding to ISO 5801) and noise levels (UNI EN ISO 741). Certification of these parameters guarantees that our products will always meet the your requirements and expectations.
  • Compact overall dimensions. The products have a very small overall size, making them ideal for installation in cramped areas. Slim yet powerful, the overall diameter is only slightly larger than the ventilation duct it connects to.
  • Protection rating IPX4. The products are protected against jets of water from all directions, making them ideal for installation in humid and wet areas.
  • Two speeds. All models feature two speed operation, including timer equipped models.
  • Adjustable Timer. Vortice Lineo products are also available with an adjustable, from 3 to 20 minutes, overrun timer.
  • Double insulation. No earth is required.
  • Self-extinguishing V0 plastic. All models are constructed in V0 grade plastic to guarantee the highest available selfextinguishing rating as well as excellent mechanical strength.
  • Eco-friendly. All Lineo components can be easily disassembled and are designed to be recyclable and to comply with the requirements of Article 4 of the “WEEE” directive (waste electrical and electronic equipment).The products are carefully designed to provide an extended life cycle and to provide a low environmental impact both in manufacture and use.
  • Speed adjustable. All models can be speed adjusted with the optionally available controllers.
  • Intelligent. Vortice Lineo products are capable of advanced functionality in combination with optional sensor units for monitoring humidity, detecting persons, ambient temperature, pollutant levels and air quality.
  • The entire Lineo range is fitted with ball bearing motors for a minimum 30,000 hours operation without mechanical malfunction.
  • Safe. Safety, power rating, protection rating (IPX4 to EN 60529) and insulation are certified by the IMQ (Quality Mark Institute), the Italian national certifying agency.
  • Optimum energy efficiency. Our research programmes have enabled us to obtain the best possible ratio between running costs and performance.
  • Overload protection. The top of the range models feature a manual reset limiter on the motor. Other models are equipped with thermal cut-out switch.
  • Compliance to standards. The entire range of Vortice Lineo extractors has been constructed to comply with CEI EN 60335-2-80-1997. Performance conforms to UNI 10531 (Category D). They bear the CE Mark for compliance with the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) and Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC).