Acoustic insulation includes mainly the measures to be taken to minimize the harmful impacts of noise on human beings and environment.

Noise, which we shortly define as disturbing sound, is one of the factors which damage human health and comfort, especially in the unplanned urbanisation areas. Disturbing sound from a nearby factory, deafening noise in a residental area around an airport, seller sounds, traffic voices, talkings heard from the neighbours are all perceived as noise in different dozages and disturb the people.

Acoustic insulation is made against undesirable and disturbing noise and it is the applications in order to insulate undesirable noise in the environment, to prevent the harmful impacts of noise, to reduce the voice which spreads around from noisy places, and to create proper conditions in areas such as cinemas, recording studios.

You can use acoustic insulation to reach a comfortable and a restful ambiance in your constructions.